We would like to inform you about positive development and changes which were required due to SOLSOLs unprecedented growth in last four years. Our company had grown from two-person office team in 2015 to one of the biggest distributor of photo-voltaic modules in central Europe with over 75MWp delivered in previous years and aim of 40MWp of modules deliveries in 2021. We had changed from offering only CZ based AUO /BenQ/ production to wide range of top brand technology distributor with companies such as SUNPOWER, ENERGETICA, AEG Solar Solutions, Canadian Solar, EXE Solar and SOLITEK in our portfolio. Recently, we had also started deliveries of SOLAREDGE and GROWATT inverters with possibility of PMT and ESDEC construction solutions for commercial projects. We currently operate from three warehouses in Czech Republic conveniently based for deliveries to surrounding countries as well and we newly ship also full container module volumes from a warehouse in Rotterdam. It is therefore logical, that our team which had expanded to 13 root employees so far and two new positions in process of hiring plus several external ones, will be needing a new base to operate from.

New headquarters

After 5 years spent in office building on Milady Horakove in the city centre of Brno, we had to move to larger premises with better office spaces and parking possibilities. Our new company office address had moved only several kilometres from old one to Kralova 4, Brno.  This new facility will be able to offer two new meeting rooms, presentation and training showroom and its own testing PV plant with detached laboratory for battery and inverter try-outs while keeping its historical feel. The parking lot is being fitted with 22KW charger to align with our announced swap of older fossil based car fleet to new low emission one based on electric and hybrid cars out of which we run first 5 already.

You are very welcomed to join us for a meeting, training, or just a for a chat and great coffee anytime at your convenience.

SOLSOL has moves to a new headquarters 2021