Company SOLSOL s.r.o.

Company headquarters:
Zeleného 9, Brno 616 00, Česká republika

Main office:
Milady Horákové 1957/13, Brno 602 00, Česká republika

Main warehouse:
U panelárny 531/2a, 779 00, Olomouc - Chválkovice

CZ 29360391

Managing Director of company Solsol
Radek Orság
Managing Director
Wholesale and Logistics of company Solsol
Ing. Jana Žalmanová
Wholesale and Logistics
Business and Technical Manager of company Solsol
Ing. Martin Novák
Business and Technical Manager
Project Manager
Jakub Pálka
Project Manager
Legislative Support of company Solsol
Ing. Iva Zezulová
Legislative Support
Projects OPPIK of company Solsol
Bc. Tomáš Vajčner
Projects OPPIK
Accounting of company Solsol
Ing. Miroslava Dybová
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Do you have a question?
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