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The company SOLSOL s.r.o. has operated on the Czech market since 2012. It deals with the wholesale of solar panels and inverters. Since 2013, it has been an exclusive partner of the Taiwanese company AUO (formerly BenQ), which produces high-efficiency mono-photovoltaic modules at a plant in Brno with the capacity of 200 MWp/year. In 2017, AEG and Canadian Solar products were added to the company’s portfolio.

In 2018, a distribution contract was signed with the US company SUNPOWER, which is the first company to produce panels with a real efficiency of 23% and power above 400Wp, and EXE Solar, producing high-efficiency half-cut technology with power over 460Wp. In the same year, the company also began supplying SolarEdge inverter and optimizer technology.

Since 2020, SOLSOL has been distributing highly efficient photovoltaic panels of the Austrian brand Energetica, which have above-standard guarantees and performances and no CO2 emissions are produced during their production. This is achieved by connecting the production facility to its own 2.6 MW PV plant and the neighboring hydro and biomass power plant.

The manufacturers we represent offer high production quality, maximum current performance and, at the same time, the possibility of extended mechanical guarantees, which reach up to 25 years.

New in our portfolio you will find inverters and optimizers from SolarEdge, Growatt and GoodWe, which we can also supply with the corresponding battery sets.

Over 600,000 panels delivered

So far, SOLSOL s.r.o. has supplied over 600,000 photovoltaic panels (250 MWp) to the Central European region, mainly for roof installations on houses and factory halls. Our leading clients include ČEZ Solar, Solar Invest (PRE), Iftech, Elkov, S-Power energies and others. All offered panels are immediately available and are ideal technologies for new photovoltaic installations for which the owners want to draw subsidies from Nová Zelená Úsporám (New Green for Savings) in the Czech Republic and Zelená Domácnostiam (Green for Households) in Slovakia. We have over 40,000 panels in stock with power tolerances of 370-600Wp for immediate consumption.

Realization of photovoltaic power plants for commercial clients

Since 2017, SOLSOL s.r.o. has been a leading design office and implementer of commercial installations for direct consumption, with a portfolio of dozens of projects with an output of up to 250kWp. For commercial clients, we offer a free evaluation of the project and tailor-made solutions to achieve maximum consumption at minimum future maintenance costs over the lifetime of the power plant, which is 25-30 years.

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